R-Craft - Bookbinding and Document Conservation
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RRR undertake conservation and restoration work on volumes of all types, maps, plans, paper and parchment documents and wax seals etc. Services range from conservation surveys and reports on entire collections, full repair and binding of volumes down to minor restoration of individual books and documents, depending on customers' requirements.
Although RRR work primarily for major institutions, we are also pleased to cater for members of the public. Most families have material handed down to them from relatives, which is very often in a state of disrepair and therefore requires specialist treatment in order to be preserved and enjoyed by generations to come. Typical family heirlooms sent for restoration include family bibles, scrapbooks, photograph albums, letters, old deeds etc.

It is only in recent years that any thought has been given to preserving the past. Our ancestors must have discarded many items that today would be highly treasured. Those that do survive are very often in poor condition. Paper becomes acidic and brittle with age, and is further damaged by years of poor storage and mistreatment.

This results in tears developing along the edges of sheets, and dirt and grease from the users' hands being deposited onto the surface of the paper. Bookbinding materials, such board, cloth and leather also degrade, with many beautiful bindings being damaged as a result.

Richard Reeve Restoration Ltd have the solution to all of these and many more associated problems. So if there is anything you think we may be able to help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be only too pleased to offer help and advice.